Retool is truly innovative. My team has been able to break ourselves free from the long engineering cycles that would normally hinder most support teams.

- Ethan Rader, Head of Customer Support

The tools we've been able to quickly build with Retool have allowed us to empower and scale our local operators, all while reducing the dependency on engineering.

- Rohan Chopra, Engineering Manager

Engineers always tell me it'll take a day. But of course it always takes a week, if at all. With Retool, I have every operations tool I can imagine - in just a few hours.

- Duncan Winter, Director of Product

1. Pull in your data

Retool connects to your data, no matter where it is. We connect to any database, or any HTTP API. That includes Google Sheets, Salesforce, Stripe, and hundreds or other datastores.

You can write your queries in a point and click interface, or via SQL. Not knowing SQL shouldn't stop you from building the tools you need. But knowing SQL will let you query anything with it - including APIs.

2. Drag and drop

You build your custom internal tool by dragging and dropping our building blocks. All internal tools have the same building blocks, and engineering shouldn't build them over and over again.

(Writing the same code over and over is one reason why engineers generally don't like building internal tools. Retool saves them from that.)

3. Your tool, at the ready

That's it! We manage authentication, access controls, and audit logs, all for you. Every internal tool should have them.

And Retool is constantly improving. Last month we launched confirmation modals. This month we're improving audit logs. Next month we're launching a quick way to switch between tools.

(Imagine pressing ⌘T to open any internal tool. Jump between tools instantly. Coming next month, for free - no joke.)